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ITEM No.: PZT-006-RD


The Kolumba Museum is an excellent example of integrating the existing architecture with the new. The side tables used in the museum’s reading room are made using Japanese materials and techniques.

Rice cultivation has been the center of Japanese culture, and traditions such as pounding mochi (rice cakes) for celebrations still live today. We wondered if we could apply the technology of carving out zelkova logs to make usu (mortar) for pounding rice and thus create a product with a pure form.

The table carved out from a single zelkova log shows a beautiful grain on the sides, with a tabletop painted with a vibrant colour. The paint is only applied on the very top surface, creating a modern look of a contrast between the bright colour and the natural grain. The four brilliant colour variations add an accent to the space, and the two different size variations create a rhythm.

A tree that has lived a long time is reborn as a piece of furniture to become a part of human lives. The colour changes, the cracks appear, and the shape of the wood changes over time, resembling the primitive strength of nature.


* Kolumba is made from zelkova logs. Currently, due to difficulties in obtaining logs, delivery will be made from February next year.

Wood: Zelkova
Top: Urethane filled painting
Side/Bottom: Urethane clear
Width: 580 mm
Depth: 580 mm
Height: 380 mm

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Top Color:

・There are individual differences in the wood, such as grain, tiger spots, and color of the material.
・This product is for indoor use only.
・Appropriate humidity for the operating environment is 40-60%. Drying may cause splitting or warping of the wood.
・As much as possible, avoid direct sunlight and areas near air-conditioning outlets.
・Mold may happen to the table due to the high moisture content of the log.

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