Atelier Zumthor working table - Round legs

ITEM No.: PZT-003


The minimalistic table is used in Peter Zumthor’s private house and his atelier in Haldenstein, Switzerland.

The tabletop made of grafted solid wood is minimally designed, with four solid wood legs supporting it. The shape is what anyone would imagine of a table. However, the size, thickness, position of the legs, materials, and finishes work together to create an exquisitely balanced beauty with a remarkable impression. The removable legs are available in both round and square corners. They are easily installed by screwing the legs into the top board.

The clean composition without ambiguity makes the material stand out, giving the feeling of touching raw wood. Each unit is made by hand at the Time & Style Factory in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, an area known for its furniture production. Two types of finishes are available: Time & Style’s original tannin black finish and beeswax finish, both of which do not affect the texture of the wood.


Wood: Oak
Finish: Beeswax / Tannin Black
Width: 2400 mm
Depth: 850 mm
Height: 750 mm

Note 1: The colors of fabrics, leathers, and wood finishes may vary slightly depending on your device's screen.
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Wood Finish:

There are individual differences in the wood, such as grain, tiger spots, and color of the material.

Iron water finish: The black color will fade with acidic liquids (lemon, wine, etc.).

In addition, the smell peculiar to iron water will subside with time.

This product is for indoor use only.

Appropriate humidity for the operating environment is 40-60%. Drying may cause splitting or warping of the wood.

As much as possible, avoid direct sunlight and areas near air-conditioning outlets.

On the Iron-water finish the color fades with age.

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Estimated delivery time

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Delivery time for Time & Style products will take up to 7 weeks.
Delivery time for the Peter Zumthor collection takes three months.

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