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TABLEWARE - Silvered Porcelain

Silvered Porcelain Holding Subtle Radiance

Porcelain adorned with overglaze containing silver. The surface, with traces of brushstrokes from the glaze, exhibits a gentle luster that sets it apart from traditional silverware. Slightly lighter due to its porcelain composition, it adorns the tabletop with a serene and elegant charm.

The unique hues resulting from silver oxidation undergo changes, gradually transforming into a subdued golden-brown shade over time.

Enjoying the evolving scenery while casually using this tableware is a delight, not just reserved for special occasions.

Yamabuki - Silvered Porcelain - Square Plate
Yamabuki - Silvered Porcelain - Round Plate
Yamabuki - Silvered Porcelain

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* We recommend that you purchase this product at our actual stores due to the large individual differences in glaze. Even if the product is not in stock on the online store, it may be in stock at each actual stores. Please contact your nearest Time and Style store for details.