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bisque – 05

SKU: BIS-05 TypeC
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This pendant lighting is reminiscent of a neat, beautiful white porcelain vessel. We drew a carefree and shapely figure, evoking ceramics ground on a lathe. The surface of the shade is coated to have slight textural irregularities that lend an unglazed feel.

The shade is formed through metal spinning technology in Edogawa, Tokyo. This is a manual metal processing technology in which a flat metal plate is rotated and pressed against a mold to cast a three-dimensional object of concentric circles.

This technique is used in a wide variety of areas such as in the aerospace industry for the nose cone of rockets as well as parabolic antennas.

We took on the challenge of making a pendant light using something that had caught our eye during a factory visit: the mold for the timpani, a percussion instrument used in classical orchestras. Making several prototypes revealed that using the timpani mold without modification ran contrary to the production concepts we had employed, in terms of the evolution of the product and its identity. Accordingly, we used the timpani mold but, to add our own essence, ended up creating 80% of the product body using the timpani mold and created a new mold for the remaining 20%. The biggest issue was to pare down a single product into two molds and connect the pieces to finish the product as a single unit.

Bisque in English can mean unglazed china. To give a texture resembling white unglazed china on the metal-spun aluminum surface, the thin and lightweight aluminum is finished by spray.


* Our lighting products are available in EU, UK, Switzerland, US and Japan at the moment. If you live in another country, please contact us directly.

Aluminum: Matte white
Width: 777 mm
Depth: 777 mm
Height: 690 mm


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bisque – 05 Sale price€2.900EUR