Fan back Windsor - CHARCOAL GREY

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With its origins in the cutting of nearby miscellaneous trees to craft rustic chairs, the Windsor chair has long been loved worldwide for its approachable design.

Generally, it is said to be a chair with a thick wooden seat and a wooden back and wooden legs joined together with mortise and tenon joints. They are methods in which a hole is opened and directly inserted into. It is a rational way to assem- ble a chair that uses wood’s flexibility and elasticity to create a strong chair.

We have built the Windsor chair as we envision it, while maintaining the piece’s traditional construction methods. Each Fan back Windsor chair is carefully handmade by highly skilled craftsmen using techniques of old. Lacking the asser- tive curves and decoration of a conventional Windsor chair, it is composed of simple and delicate curves, designed to be as thin and quiet-appearing as possible.

The top rail, with its delicately drawn arc and sharply carved ends, have forms that can only be achieved at Japan’s sole factory possessing bentwood technology.

Up to now, we have fabricated products with traditional Japanese techniques retranslated into modern design. With the addition of a charming and approachable Windsor chair to a product lineup enveloped in a quiet atmosphere, we have sought to make this a universal chair that brings relaxation within a tense and ordered air.


Wood: Oak
Finish: Charcoal grey
Width: 483 mm
Depth: 477 mm
Height: 791 mm
Seat Height: 450 mm

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