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Hiya - Porcelain White - Cup "Beer"

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Mikawachi ware has been produced in Mikawachi, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture, for nearly 400 years. As the Hirado domain kiln, this area was responsible for crafting the articles that were presented to the Shogunate and to the Royal Family until the Meiji Restoration in 1868. Presently there are 16 potters left who carry on this traditional craft. Under the protection of the domain, a large number of techniques for artistic porcelain were developed in this area. Examples include painterly blue and white ceramics depicting karako motifs, paper-thin Japanese eggshell porcelain and the workmanship of kikka decoration where flower petals are individually carved on a ball of clay. We made use of these sophisticated techniques to craft plain cups and bowls with a near translucent lightness and thinness. By turning the items upside down during the firing process, the underside is fully covered in smooth glaze. This results in a sleek surface that does not leave scratches on the table. The Hiya line comes in three variations: plain white porcelain, white porcelain with a single blue line around the top and blue gosu maki. Gosu maki is a blue and white porcelain technique where a thick brush soaked in blue gosu glaze is used to dye the entire outer surface of the object. This versatile line can be used for sake, beer, tea or coffee.


Material: Porcelain
Finish: White
Size: Width 72mm Depth 72mm Height 112mm (340ml)

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Hiya - Porcelain White - Cup "Beer"
Hiya - Porcelain White - Cup "Beer" Sale price€28EUR