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Iwami - Ceramic Blue - Flat Pot with Lid

SKU: TSSG00104 W100 D100 H60
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Located in Gotsu City, Shimane Prefecture and starting in the 18th century, Iwami flourished as the production area for large water pots called Handou. Particularly suited for the creation of large objects, the Iwami clay is resistant to acid and very hard. This makes it possible for it to be fired at high temperatures. It was widely used to craft storage jars due to its sturdiness and resistance to water, salt and acidity. However, the demand for Iwami ware decreased sharply with the advent of plastic containers. Nowadays, few Iwami potteries remain. Using traditional techniques, Iwami artisans have been crafting large water pots and other similar objects. These lidded bowls possess the beauty of tableware and the functionality of containers. They are suitable for storing cooked vegetables or condiments, and their resistance to acidity and sturdiness makes them the perfect container for pickled vegetables as well. Because they are fired in a climbing kiln, they have a unique, rich and gentle character.


Material: Ceramic
Finish: Blue
Size flat3: Width 100mm Depth 100mm Height 60mm
Size flat4: Width 130mm Depth 130mm Height 70mm
Size flat5: Width 160mm Depth 160mm Height 80mm
Size flat6: Width 190mm Depth 190mm Height 90mm

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Iwami - Ceramic Blue - Flat Pot with Lid size6
Iwami - Ceramic Blue - Flat Pot with Lid Sale price€32EUR