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Ju-bako - Porcelain Hishimusubi Red

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These cubic dishes are a staple of Japanese tradition, used at events throughout the year. Elegant lacquerware is the norm, but we created a porcelain variant that can be used as tableware or as a storage container, giving it use in everyday life. We were told that using porcelain as a material for our cubic Ju-bako would be quite complicated. This is because clay has a tendency to bend and warp during the firing process, resulting in uneven walls of the cube. It is difficult to make several straight cubes out of porcelain. Another factor is the rattling sound caused by stacking boxes that have even the smallest imperfections. We were met by many problems in the beginning, but the cooperation and ingenuity of mould makers, clay makers and potters resulted in a proper cube with straight edges that makes only the faintest sound when stacked. The original ju-bako is a traditional Japanese dish, made from wood and lacquerware. By bringing the qualities of this dish to the porcelain, which can be used daily, we increased the scope of its use. This too is a dish that has brought traditional Japanese forms into contemporary life. We began with only white porcelain Ju-bako, but were able to increase its allure by applying traditional motifs using the inban printing technique.


* Boxs and lids are sold separately.

Material: Porcelain
Finish: Hishimusubi Red
Size BOX S: Width 85mm Depth 85mm Height 43mm
Size LID S: Width 85mm Depth 85mm Height 5mm
Size BOX M: Width 130mm Depth 130mm Height 53mm
Size LID M: Width 130mm Depth 130mm Height 5mm

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Ju-bako - Porcelain Hishimusubi Red S #Size_square s
Ju-bako - Porcelain Hishimusubi Red Sale price€39EUR