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Kaoru noir - Stoneware Black - Green Tea Pot

SKU: TSTK91561 W120 D177 H70
Sale price$170.00

In China and Japan, tea utensils are considered to be machines for making good tea. From the shape of the teapot to the ease of carrying, the ability of the lid to stay closed and the density of the strainer, many functions were developed alongside tradition and experimentation. This teapot is Tokoname ware made from Udei clay, which is rich in iron and is fired unglazed. Of special notice are the lid, which fits perfectly against the body, and the fine strainer, made from the same material as the rest of the teapot. The strainer consists of countless holes poked into a wide surface and won’t become clogged, allowing you to pour until the very last — and most delicious — drop of tea.

Designed by Osamu Saruyama.

Material: Stoneware
Finish: Black
Size: Width 120mm Depth 177mm Height 70mm

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Kaoru noir - Stoneware Black - Green Tea Pot
Kaoru noir - Stoneware Black - Green Tea Pot Sale price$170.00