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Katsutoshi Mizuno - Porcelain White - Green Tea Cup 052

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Mizuno's way of creating involves careful research of the excellent works made by the artisans, imagining their intentions and historical background, and then reproduces them in modern-day utensils. This way, the shape and design of classic pieces from Japan is incorporated. This is the concept of "Utsushi".

He has been making white porcelain vessels for the biggest part of his life, using a technique whereby porcelain vessels are pressed into a handcrafted mould.


* Limited stock.

Material: Porcelain
Finish: White
Size: Width 90mm Depth 90mm Height 55mm

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Katsutoshi Mizuno - Porcelain White - Green Tea Cup 052
Katsutoshi Mizuno - Porcelain White - Green Tea Cup 052 Sale price€53EUR

Katsutoshi Mizuno

1960 Born in Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture
1981 After university graduation, enrolled in Seto Yogyo Kunren-ko school for ceramics
1982 Joined Kutani Seiyou
1990 Became independent in the former village of Hirota in Ehime Prefecture
2010 Relocated to Kure

Instagram @katsutoshi.mizuno