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Kiso - Cypress

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When we visited a sawmill in Nakatsugawa, Gifu Prefecture, where only Japanese cypress (Kiso Hinoki) is processed, we were captivated by the intricate grain and beauty of Kiso Hinoki, as well as its delicate expression. This inspired us to create furniture using Kiso Hinoki. The result is a side table with a tray placed on the unique Japanese folding chair called “koshou.”
Kiso Hinoki refers specifically to the natural cypress grown in the Kiso Valley, spanning Nagano and Gifu Prefectures. The steep mountains of Kiso, with abundant rainfall and harsh winter conditions with snow cover, create a challenging natural environment. As a result, Kiso Hinoki takes over three times longer to grow compared to cypresses from other regions. With an age exceeding 300 years, the lengthy growth period and challenging conditions contribute to the creation of dense and beautiful wood grain with excellent durability. This special cypress has a history of supplying wood for culturally significant structures in Japan.

The seat of the koshou is made of vegetable-tanned nume leather and canvas fabric, while the finish of the tray includes both an unpainted wooden finish, showcasing the natural beauty of Kiso Hinoki, and Gifu’s traditional shun-kei lacquer, where the wood grain is visible through the lacquer.


Top: Japanese Cypress
Leg: Japanese Cypress, Tanned Leather, Canvas
Width: 400 mm
Depth: 400 mm
Height: 440 mm

Seat materials:

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Japanese Cypress
Kiso - Cypress
Kiso - Cypress Sale price€1.100EUR