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Meditation is a product that specifically pursues a lightweight design with its cast metal legs. The straight support column that holds the tabletop splits into two branches towards the floor, and the straight horizontal bar penetrating both legs is a distinctive feature. This simple yet calculated structure skillfully balances straight lines and curves, achieving a nimble and powerful design reminiscent of aircraft wings or frames seen in competitive bicycles.
The design of this table symbolizes a certain purity in simplicity, reflecting an attitude seeking the clarity of mind and inner tranquility in Zen practice and meditation. By eliminating unnecessary elements and focusing on the essence, the aim is to create a harmonious product. The option of bronze satin finish or black stain, along with combinations with rectangular or oval tabletops, offers different atmospheres. The combination of a simple yet robust design with a solid oak tabletop makes it a user-oriented product.

* This product is available in Japan at the moment. If you live in another country, please contact us directly.

Material: Oak, Bronze
Wood Finish: Soap / Beeswax / Tannin black / Natural white / Snow white / Medium grey / Charcoal grey
Bronze Finish: Satin finish / Black stain
*The specification's sizes are "mm".
Item NO: T-983
Width: 2000 Depth: 900 Height: 725
Item NO: T-984
Width: 2200 Depth: 900 Height: 725
Item NO: T-985
Width: 2400 Depth: 900 Height: 725
Item NO: T-986
Width: 2000 Depth: 950 Height: 725
Item NO: T-987
Width: 2200 Depth: 950 Height: 725
Item NO: T-988
Width: 2400 Depth: 950 Height: 725

Item No.:
Bronze Finish:
Wood Finish:

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Meditation T-988 Satin Beeswax
Meditation Sale price€14.520EUR