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Omae - Yellow Shunkei - Sake Cup Woven-Bamboo Pattern

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These items are made using the traditional Hida Shunkei lacquerware technique from Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture. This area is rich in forest resources. As a result, woodworking techniques have long been developed there. The Hida Shunkei lacquerware technique was devised to fully bring out the beauty of the wood. Hinoki cypress and Sawara cypress are used to craft magemono bent-wood vessels. First, thin sheets of wood are steeped in warm water until they become flexible enough to bend. Once bent, the sheets are fastened at the seams with thin slivers of cherry tree bark. This line is crafted by an artisan in his eighties who has a long history of using this technique.


Material: Cypress
Finish: Japanese Lacquer (Urushi) Yellow-Shunkei
Size: Width 50mm Depth 50mm Height 35mm

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Omae - Yellow Shunkei - Sake Cup Woven-Bamboo Pattern
Omae - Yellow Shunkei - Sake Cup Woven-Bamboo Pattern Sale price€54EUR