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Oribe - Rice Bowl

SKU: TSFD01101 W120 D120 H55
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In Toki City, Gifu Prefecture, many works of pottery are still being produced. The pottery maker that manufactures the Oribe line creates pots, rice bowls and other items with a machine wheel using a method known as “mizugote”. Though the maker has produced various dishes in many different shapes coated with a variety of glazes, they now mainly produce dishes coated with Oribe glaze. Japanese people see nature and beautiful scenery in the changing shades of colours produced by the flow of glaze and appreciate them as “landscapes”. What makes Japanese pottery attractive is the warm, soft texture of the clay and the tasteful colours of the glazes.


Material: Ceramic
Finish: Green
Size: Width 120mm Depth 120mm Height 55mm

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Rice Bowl
Oribe - rice bowl
Oribe - Rice Bowl Sale price€34EUR