Priest’s side table

SKU: T-783-BS


Through seamless connection of the tabletop, column, and leg, this side table exudes the presence of a unitary mass.

We decided to prioritize the effective use of materials and connect each part by using the advanced technology called tomogane welding. We carefully polish the piece until almost no welding marks can be felt, giving it the finish of a unitary object.

When lifted, the piece has a sense of weight and a profound presence that belies its delicate and neat appearance, creating an appeal found only in genuine materials.

Material: Bronze
Finish: Satin finish / Black stain
*The specification's sizes are "mm".
Item NO: T-783
Width: 280 Depth: 280 Height: 350
Item NO: T-784
Width: 280 Depth: 280 Height: 450

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Item No.:

- Bronze reacts with sweat, sebum, and the moisture content in the air to get oxidized and turn black if the coating films are deteriorated by scratches on the surfaces or ultraviolet rays. Wipe off the sweat and sebum frequently and avoid setting up products in humid places as much as possible.
- Note in advance that pinholes (small holes) may be generated on the bronze surfaces during the sand-casting manufacturing process.
- Products with a black oxide finish react with acids. Pay attention to prevent acid liquids from contacting them.

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