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Raisin - Glass "Chardonay"

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Modest wine glasses suit the dining tables in Japan, where many small dishes are used. With its short stem, the Raisin glass is designed to be shorter to match the style of Japanese cuisine.

Raisin’s thin and delicate stem is created using a technique called stem attachment. This method produces the bowl, stem and foot separately. After blowing glass into a mould to form a bowl with a round bottom, the artisan carefully determines the centre and gently attaches the melting glass to stretch it to a specific length. At this time, the stem becomes thicker if there is too much glass. On the other hand, if the amount of glass is insufficient, the stem becomes extremely thin. This process must be done in an instant before the glass hardens. After attaching the stem, the next step is to attach a plate-shaped stand called the foot. The diameter changes depending on the amount of glass.

Red hot glass melts like syrup and hardens instantly. Besides this elaborate technique, it requires judgment to know exactly when the right timing is. In recent years, while the quality of machine-made glasses has improved tremendously, handmade glass factories are going out of business one after another, causing a decline in production volumes. Nowadays, there are only a handful of artisans who use the stem attachment technique in Japan. Using the stem attachment technique for glasses creates an overall thinner bowl. In addition, because the bowl and stem are formed separately, the line of contact can be clearer.

We created a slender, short stem with a thin bowl drawing a round, delicate curved line, and a foot that is as small as possible. The graceful appearance gives elegant glamour to the table.


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Material: Glass
Color: Clear
Size: Width 80mm Depth 80mm Height 180mm (320ml)

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