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Sculpture casting bronze table

Sale price€26.620EUR

This table is modeled after our Elliptical cylinder casting bronze table. We aimed to bring to life a sculpture-like shape, which draws attention to the fact that its hallowed leg section is cast metal. By hollowing out the support leg, we succeeded in not only giving the table a bold presence; in terms of structure, the two support props also allow the table to hold the large tabletop.

The elliptical tabletop gives off a soft impression and helps to create a space in which many people can sit and face each other in a relaxed, roomy environment.

* This product is available in Japan at the moment. If you live in another country, please contact us directly.

Material: Oak, Bronze
Wood Finish: Soap / Beeswax / Tannin black / Natural white / Snow white / Medium grey / Charcoal grey
Bronze Finish: Satin finish / Black stain
*The specification's sizes are "mm".
Item NO: T-721
Shape: Oval
Width: 2400 Depth: 1200 Height: 740
Item NO: T-722
Shape: Oval
Width: 2600 Depth: 1200 Height: 740
[Assembly instructions]

Item No.:
Bronze Finish:
Wood Finish:

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Sculpture casting bronze table - Tannin Black - Black stain
Sculpture casting bronze table Sale price€26.620EUR