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Structure - Platinum Line - Tumbler

SKU: TSTJ11101A W66 D66 H83
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When you go to a café on a street corner, a waiter serves a small glass of water. The appearance of glasses stacked in a corner of the counter next to a water pitcher is perhaps a familiar, nostalgic scene for those living in Japan. These glasses are mostly mass produced by automated machines. Machine-made glasses are characterized by the presence of partition lines generated from a divided mould, as well as the round rim. Here, we thought about making mould-blown glasses by hand. What we wanted to achieve was mould-blown glasses with a smooth texture on the surface and a delicate look to the rim while remaining functional and beautiful.

The challenge was how we could make the edge at the switching line between the top and bottom part as sharp as possible. After removing the glass from the furnace, it cools and hardens quickly. The viscosity of glass blown in a mould increases before reaching the internal corners, which causes the glass to harden in a rounded shape. To resolve this, we added our own ingenuity to the mould and adjusted the speed and intensity of blowing through a trial-and-error process. In this way, we finally completed a simple yet elegant glass combining the functionality of stackable glasses perfect for daily use and the special characteristics of offering an excellent touch to the lips along with a thin, lightweight design unique to mould-blown glass.


Material: Glass
Color: Clear with Platinum Line
Size Small: Width 66mm Depth 66mm Height 83mm (220ml)
Size Slim: Width 62mm Depth 62mm Height 111mm (260ml)
Size Tall: Width 72mm Depth 72mm Height 121mm (410ml)

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Clear with Platinum Line
Structure - Platinum Line - Tumbler Small
Structure - Platinum Line - Tumbler Sale price€30EUR