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Sumi - Wipe Lacquer Black - Tray

SKU: TSSK05321 W255 D255 H19
Sale price$130.00

This is a tray with a fuki-urushi finish that brings out the beauty of the grain of castor aralia. Fuki-urushi is a lacquering technique where raw lacquer is brushed on wood, excess lacquer is wiped off and the wood is then dried and polished. After that, lacquer is applied again. This process is repeated over and over. The more it is done, the glossier and darker the lacquer coating becomes. Lacquer seeps into the wood and strengthens it, providing a water-proof, stain-resistant finish. At the same time, the lacquer coating on the wood is so thin that the rich texture of the wood grain can be seen clearly. Generally, fuki-urushi adds the warm amber colour of raw lacquer to the wood. Sumi is a black tray with a shiny look, as though it is stained with Japanese sumi ink, created by using black lacquer for fuki-urushi. As small scratches and dents are barely noticeable on this product thanks to its fuki-urushi finish, it is suitable for daily use.


Material: Castor Aralia
Finish: Wipe Lacquer Black
Size: Width 255mm Depth 255mm Height 19mm

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Sumi - Wipe Lacquer Black - Tray
Sumi - Wipe Lacquer Black - Tray Sale price$130.00