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Tamaki - Porcelain White - Candle Stand C

SKU: TSKG93104 W82 D82 H140
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Traditional Western candlesticks come in a variety of materials. The multitude of materials and designs range from brass to a combination of iron and wood and to ceramics. The design and materials vary from period to period. Using the Hasami ware artisans’ skill to replicate minute details, we created white porcelain candlesticks in the image of traditional Western designs. The elaborately crafted candlesticks possess a sense of tension, their form recalling the Middle Ages. As the top part and the base are made using different casting methods and joined afterwards, these candlesticks are the product of several intricate processes. They are made at a Hasami ware pottery in Nagasaki Prefecture and exude the strange Western aura that lingers in that area.

Designed by Osamu Saruyama.

Material: Porcelain
Finish: White
Size: Width 82mm Depth 82mm Height 140mm

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Tamaki - Porcelain White - Candle Stand C
Tamaki - Porcelain White - Candle Stand C Sale price$74.00