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Tsuyu - Glass "champagne"

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In the past, old downtown Tokyo was lined with many glass factories. However, when machine-made glasses took over the industry, handmade glass blowing factories disappeared one after another. Today, there are only two factories that continue to craft blown glass in Tokyo. The factory where Ripple and Tsuyu are produced is situated adjacent to a train station in the heart of downtown. You would be surprised that a glass factory exists in such a location.

Once you take a step into the factory, you will feel the strong heat from thea glass kiln filling the centre of the factory. The glass kiln stays lit 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. About 20 artisans stand around the kiln to blow air into glass one after another without uttering a word, demonstrating great teamwork. The factory has continued to make blown glasses for decades. The articles produced in the factory have changed with the times.

At the time of its founding, the factory used to produce light bulbs. The technique of blowing thin glass with equal pressure has continued from generation tofor generations to craft thinly-blown glasses today. The work of glass artisans is not about creating a single great product. They must create many products with the same design of a certain level of quality. The products made today and half a year later must be the same. The artisans see and steal the workmanship of experienced artisans to master it through daily discipline. By sharpening their intuition, they challenge their limits to create products of high precision.


Material: Glass
Color: Clear
Size: Width 52mm Depth 52mm Height 146mm (210ml)

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Tsuyu - Glass "champagne"
Tsuyu - Glass "champagne"
Tsuyu - Glass "champagne" Sale price$39.00