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Ureshi - Zelkova Wipe Lacquer Black - Teacup Saucer

SKU: TSTT10121 W90 D90 H19
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This project began when I met a potter from Yoshida-yaki village, a part of Ureshino city on Kyushu Island.  Here there is modern and precise porcelain production, and together with the very high quality green tea available locally, it was natural to start designing a set of tools to combine the two. Our mission is to guide and enhance the enjoyment of preparing this low temperature tea through design, and this is the foundation of the choices of shapes and the texture of the finish.

Traditionally made from wood or metal, wood was chosen as a less formal and warmer material.  For modern serving ( not too formal! ) you want to be able to pick up the saucer whilst you still hold the tray.  The rim is high enough for your fingers to grasp and a small ridge for your thumb allows you to hold it securely.

Designed by Tomoko Azumi.

Material: Zelkova
Finish: Wipe Lacquer Black
Size: Width 90mm Depth 90mm Height 19mm

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Ureshi - Zelkova Wipe Lacquer Black - Saucer
Ureshi - Zelkova Wipe Lacquer Black - Teacup Saucer Sale price€35EUR