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Vent Blanc - Porcelain Blue - Plate

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Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, the Vent blanc series is reminiscent of a white wind. When the series was first released in 2005, the plates were thick and heavy, and the bottom of the large plates had three legs. The plates changed in shape along the line with circular indented patterns on the surface. In 2014, when the production factory was renovated, we changed the design to a flat bottom by removing the legs. The unleveled surface from the legs was eliminated to create a beautiful plate with distinctive asymmetrical, organic form. Because Jean-Marie Massaud is French, Vent blanc seems to embody the nuances of the food culture of France. The flowing outlines of these asymmetrical plates create a pleasant rhythm that livens up any dinner table, giving a unique balance when food is served on them. The small coffee cup expresses the design essence of Jean-Marie Massaud on the smallest scale. While the design retains the French esprit, the Vent blanc fuses it with the accuracy of porcelain production in Japan.

Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud.

Material: Porcelain
Finish: Blue
Size Small: Width 182mm Depth 177mm Height 12mm
Size Medium: Width 230mm Depth 230mm Height 13mm
Size Big: Width 261mm Depth 292mm Height 11mm

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Porcelain Blue
Vent Blanc - Porcelain Blue - Plate Big
Vent Blanc - Porcelain Blue - Plate Sale price€70EUR