Water prism - Vase

SKU: TSAF00201 W45 D45 H280


We came up with the design of Water prism to create a flower vase with a cylindrical hole in a clear, slim rectangular glass. For this extremely simple shape, once the size was determined, drawings and specifications were completed quickly. The problem was how to make such a flower vase. When we first decided to make the vase with glass, we took counsel with an optical glass manufacturer and a manufacturer of glass trophies and plaques. However, it was difficult to achieve both the finish we wanted and a realistic price, so we changed the material to acrylic to explore possibilities. Although we asked several acrylic processing companies for advice, they all suggested cutting an acrylic square stick and drilling a hole. However, drilling results in frosty cutting marks inside the hole, and it is not possible to polish the inside of a thin hole to be transparent. For this simple flower vase, the overall transparency was the key.

Through repeated trial and error, we met with acrylic processing craftsmen who wanted to work with us to address this issue, which was more challenging than imagined, to try several different methods with them. The first method was to place a glass tube inside the acrylic. Although the finished prototype was closer to our ideal form with the transparency on the inside, there was only one issue. While both acrylic and glass are transparent, due to the difference in their physical properties of having different optical refractive indexes, the interfacial boundaries are visible despite cast moulding without any gap. After all, the vase had to be entirely made of acrylic to stick to the initial design image. The only remaining way was to pour liquid acrylic into a mould. We poured acrylic into a rectangular mould with a round stick inserted. However, the thin round stick got swept away by the acrylic and moved sideways, and the surface came out rough after removing the stick. We faced various obstacles one after another. We used different materials for the mould and changed the fixing methods. The two acrylic craftsmen were amused to work on these difficult issues and tried many creative solutions. Although Water prism has the simplest shape compared to other Time & Style products, the process was full of twists and turns. Water prism is the result of artisans’ passion. To prevent the glass rectangular cylinder from getting chipped on the edges, all the edges must be widely chamfered. By using acrylic, the edges are lightly chamfered to eliminate unnecessary elements, giving it a stoic appearance.

When plants are placed in this acrylic vase, which has more transparency than glass, the vase itself reduces its presence. The appearance of the plants floating in the air suggests a poetic scenery.


Material: Acrylic
Color: Clear
Size Short: Width 35 Depth 35 Height 220
Size Tall: Width 45 Depth 45 Height 280
*The specification's sizes are "mm".

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