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Hinoki (Japanese cypress) wood is distinguished by its refreshing fragrance and soft, white surface. While the wood tends to stain and scratch easily, Japanese cypress is endowed with pure beauty, and the more you use the hinoki, the more lustrous it becomes.


Products made of natural wood may bend, twist, crack, or otherwise change shape from the effects of the seasons or of the surrounding environment. One should avoid using such products in extremely dry places, for example, near air conditioners or windows exposed to direct sunlight. During periods when the relative humidity drops, we recommend using the products indoors, ideally in rooms equipped with a humidifier. Bending and twisting may be avoided by turning them upside down and leaving them like that for a day.


Natural wood is always breathing, even after being crafted into prod­ucts. For this reason, you may see resin bleeding from non-coated Japanese cypress products. This resin has an antibacterial effect and prevents bacteria growth while adding natural shine to the wood by forming a film that increases the durability of the products. Although the resin is harmless, you can use sandpaper to lightly sand the surface and remove stickiness, or wipe it with ethanol or alcohol to keep it clean.


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