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Tree 17 - Oak Beeswax - S70320020-6Tree 17 - Oak Beeswax - S70320020-6
Tree 17 - Oak Beeswax Sale price¥69,300
Twisted back - Charcoal grey - I-702-display1Twisted back - Charcoal grey - I-702-display1
Twisted back - Charcoal grey Sale price¥94,050
Twisted back - Charcoal grey - I-702-display3Twisted back - Charcoal grey - I-702-display3
Twisted back - Charcoal grey Sale price¥94,050
The sensitive comfortable side chair - Charcoal grey - SP20-431The sensitive comfortable side chair - Charcoal grey - SP20-431
Straight back - Charcoal Grey - I-701-display1Straight back - Charcoal Grey - I-701-display1
Dorf side chair -Beech White - 2011061753550Dorf side chair -Beech White - 2011061753550
Dorf side chair -Beech White Sale price¥59,400
Dorf armchair -Beech White - 2013112629319Dorf armchair -Beech White - 2013112629319
Dorf armchair -Beech White Sale price¥74,250
The bent chair - Charcoal Grey - S15310037-63bThe bent chair - Charcoal Grey - S15310037-63b
The bent armchair - Charcoal Grey - S15310037-64bThe bent armchair - Charcoal Grey - S15310037-64b
Double Vision - armchair - Walnut Beeswax - S03160675-21aDouble Vision - armchair - Walnut Beeswax - S03160675-21a
Sold outCarlos - Beech Soap - S70320020-4bCarlos - Beech Soap - S70320020-4b
Carlos - Beech Soap Sale price¥74,250


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Time & Style Atmosphere
4-27-15 Minami Aoyama,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 JAPAN
Business hours 11:00 – 19:00
(Closed on Wednesdays)


carefully hand-finishes each one of the ordered items. We are the only company in Japan that purchases saws and dries Hokkaido-grown timber in-house. We use traceability techniques to manage our timber and ensure the legality of the material used for our furniture and other interior products.