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Diamond back chair - CHARCOAL GREYDiamond back chair - CHARCOAL GREY
Sold outDiamond back chair - SOAPDiamond back chair - SOAP
Drop casting bronze table - Tannin black Satin finishDrop casting bronze table - Tannin black Satin finish
Drop casting bronze table Sale priceFrom €33.880EUR
Elliptical cylinder casting bronze table T-716 - Tannin blackElliptical cylinder casting bronze table T-716 - Tannin black
Elliptical cylinder casting bronze table Sale priceFrom €25.410EUR
Falcon chair #Seat materials_fabric1 riff 12/80Falcon chair #Seat materials_fabric1 riff 12/80
Falcon chair - Oak Beeswax Sale priceFrom €1.570EUR
Falcon chair #Seat materials_smooth leather 40103Falcon chair #Seat materials_smooth leather 40103
Falcon chair - Oak Charcoal grey Sale priceFrom €1.570EUR
Fan back high WindsorFan back high Windsor
Fan back WindsorFan back Windsor
Fan back Windsor - Charcoal grey Sale price€1.170EUR
Fragile Sale priceFrom €1.330EUR
Glossy temptation - rectangleGlossy temptation - rectangle
Glossy temptation - rectangle Sale priceFrom €24.200EUR
Horizontal table - black glass Charcoal greyHorizontal table - black glass Charcoal grey
Horizontal table - black glass Sale priceFrom €4.350EUR
Icarus wings - STEEL 801Icarus wings - STEEL 801
Icarus wings - Steel 801 Sale price€6.290EUR
Icarus wings - STEEL 802Icarus wings - STEEL 802
Icarus wings - Steel 802 Sale price€6.530EUR
Ivan - oak beeswaxIvan - oak beeswax
Ivan - Oak Beeswax Sale priceFrom €1.430EUR
Izumo T-501 BeeswaxIzumo T-501 Beeswax
Izumo Sale priceFrom €7.130EUR
Jupiter Sale priceFrom €620EUR
Kiku no Hana - 01 Sale price€2.420EUR
Kiku no Hana - 02 Sale price€2.660EUR
Kirin benchKirin bench
Kirin bench - Brass polish legs Sale priceFrom €4.330EUR
Kiso - CypressKiso - Cypress
Kiso - Cypress Sale priceFrom €1.100EUR
Kiso - Red shunkeiKiso - Red shunkei
Kiso - Red shunkei Sale priceFrom €1.280EUR
Kumiko Partition - AsanohaKumiko Partition - Asanoha
Kumiko Partition - Asanoha Sale priceFrom €14.390EUR
Kumiko Partition - GomaKumiko Partition - Goma
Kumiko Partition - Goma Sale priceFrom €18.150EUR
Kumiko Partition - MitsukudeKumiko Partition - Mitsukude
Kumiko Partition - Mitsukude Sale priceFrom €11.250EUR
Kumiko Partition - SayagatakuzushiKumiko Partition - Sayagatakuzushi
Kumiko Partition - Sayagatakuzushi Sale priceFrom €11.610EUR
Kumiko Partition - SembongoshiKumiko Partition - Sembongoshi
Kumiko Partition - Sembongoshi Sale priceFrom €8.710EUR
Kumiko Partition - ShippoutsunagiKumiko Partition - Shippoutsunagi
Kumiko Partition - Shippoutsunagi Sale priceFrom €12.460EUR
Leo seamless armchair - Charcoal GreyLeo seamless armchair - Charcoal Grey
Leo seamless armchair - Charcoal grey Sale priceFrom €1.430EUR
Leonardo seamless chair - CHARCOAL GREYLeonardo seamless chair - CHARCOAL GREY
Leonardo seamless chair - Charcoal grey Sale priceFrom €1.110EUR
Leonardo swing armchair #Seat materials_fabric1 riff 06/77Leonardo swing armchair #Seat materials_fabric1 riff 06/77
Leonardo swing armchair - Charcoal grey Sale priceFrom €2.090EUR
Leonardo swing lounge chairLeonardo swing lounge chair
Leone seamless lounge chairLeone seamless lounge chair
Lotus moon T-556 WalnutLotus moon T-556 Walnut
Lotus moon Sale priceFrom €5.080EUR
Lotus moon - low tableLotus moon - low table
Lotus moon - low table Sale priceFrom €1.450EUR
Lotus rain T-558 Tannin blackLotus rain T-558 Tannin black
Lotus rain Sale priceFrom €5.440EUR
Lotus rain - low tableLotus rain - low table
Lotus rain - low table Sale priceFrom €3.870EUR
Lotus table T-339 Walnut BeeswaxLotus table T-339 Walnut Beeswax
Lotus table Sale priceFrom €5.440EUR
Lyon T-745 Natural whiteLyon T-745 Natural white
Lyon Sale priceFrom €3.990EUR
Macaron T-633 Tannin blackMacaron T-633 Tannin black
Macaron Sale priceFrom €5.080EUR
Meditation T-988 Satin BeeswaxMeditation T-988 Satin Beeswax
Meditation Sale priceFrom €14.520EUR
Men lounge chairMen lounge chair
Men lounge chair Sale price€2.960EUR
Men ottomanMen ottoman
Men ottoman Sale price€1.620EUR
Men side chairMen side chair
Men side chair Sale price€2.020EUR
Mingle consoleMingle console
Mingle console Sale price€3.500EUR
Mingle low table - rectangle 684 Charcoal greyMingle low table - rectangle 684 Charcoal grey
Mingle low table - rectangle Sale priceFrom €3.500EUR
Mingle low table - squareMingle low table - square
Mingle low table - square Sale priceFrom €2.900EUR
Monk’s side table - Black stainMonk’s side table - Black stain
Monk’s side table Sale priceFrom €2.900EUR
Moon on the Lake - Satin T-127Moon on the Lake - Satin T-127
Moon on the Lake Sale priceFrom €26.010EUR