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Aye, Yae, Ray, Bit, Kou, Fru, Bel

Aye, Yae, Ray, Bit, Kou, Fru, Bel

Wine, beer, champagne, calvados, whiskey, gin and cognac —Time & Style offers a collection of glasses designed for various types of alcoholic beverages. Of course, you do not have to use a specific glass for a specific type of alcohol. The core product in this series, Aye is defined as a wine glass. However, its name means “yes” in old English. The Aye glass says “yes” to both red and white wines, water, juice and even beer.

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Aye - GlassAye - Glass
Aye - Glass Sale price€51EUR
Yae - GlassYae - Glass
Yae - Glass Sale priceFrom €28EUR
Sold outRay - GlassRay - Glass
Ray - Glass Sale price€51EUR
Bit - GlassBit - Glass
Bit - Glass Sale price€50EUR
Kou - GlassKou - Glass
Kou - Glass Sale price€50EUR
Fru - GlassFru - Glass
Fru - Glass Sale price€51EUR
Bel - GlassBel - Glass
Bel - Glass Sale price€54EUR