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Tree 17 - Oak Beeswax

SKU: S70320020-6
Sale price¥69,300

With a theme of “Japanese chair”, as well as simplicity, neatness, quietness, universality, and dignity, we pursued how to achieve quietness and dignity in a simple structure, while simply achieving the functional elements of chairs.

For this chair, we focused on the angle of the rear legs, the angle and location of the stile, and the balance between the overall and backrest volumes. The round chamfering of the backrest corners enhance the soft and gentle texture of solid wood in total.

- Slightly rubbed throughout.
* If you prefer a new or different variant, please contact us.
Time & Style Atmosphere (Tokyo, JP)

Wood: Oak
Finish: Beeswax
Fabric: Strand77
Width: 420 mm
Depth: 516 mm
Height: 780 mm
Seat Height: 420 mm

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Tree 17 - Oak Beeswax - S70320020-6
Tree 17 - Oak Beeswax Sale price¥69,300


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carefully hand-finishes each one of the ordered items. We are the only company in Japan that purchases saws and dries Hokkaido-grown timber in-house. We use traceability techniques to manage our timber and ensure the legality of the material used for our furniture and other interior products.