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Cotton Color Towel - Snow Grey

Sale price¥4,620

One of the most important processes of making towels is refining and bleaching. In this process, oil and impurities are slowly removed from the original yarn using water as clean as drinking water to bring out cotton’s original water absorbability and natural whiteness. Softness is maintained by leaving the proper amount of oil in the cotton, so the towel will not become stiff after long-term use. High-quality water and the proficient skills of craftspeople of Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, bring out the best in the materials.

This towel collection is available in 16 colours. Each colour has the name of a traditional colour of Japan. Matsunoha (pine leaf) is a deep green like the needles of pine trees, which are considered a symbol of longevity and constancy because they always have green leaves, Ginnezu (silver mouse) is silverish light grey that was a popular colour for kimono (traditional Japanese clothes) in the Edo period, Kamenozoki (looking in a water jar) is a refreshing pale navy like the colour of the sky reflected on the surface of water in a water jar, and Keshizumi (burnt charcoal) is the colour of burnt charcoal when the fire is put out. The subtle colours created in Japan’s unique culture and climate and their names reflect the sophisticated sensibility of Japanese people.


Material: Cotton
Color: SGY / Shiro-Nezu
Size Bath Towel: Width 700mm Length 1400mm
Size Face Towel: Width 380mm Length 900mm
Size Guest Towel: Width 380mm Length 380mm


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Cotton Color Towel - Snow Grey
Cotton Color Towel - Snow Grey Sale price¥4,620