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Fire & Rain - Bowl

SKU: TSGR01201 W170 D170 H69
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A young potter in the village of Mashiko creates products using local clay, turning on the potter’s wheel and applying local glaze to the objects. He produces clay by purifying the soil and uses his original mixed glaze. Although most potters currently use an electric turning wheel, he uses an old-fashioned kick-wheel to produce his pieces in a traditional manner. As the turning speed can be freely controlled with the kick-wheel, he can give the pieces a unique soft impression, which he says is attractive and different from pottery made with an electric turning wheel. His father is also a potter and creates works with a unique and dignified atmosphere. He grew up seeing his father make pottery. Now he is discovering his own personality as an artist, using his own methods.


Material: Ceramic
Finish: Black
Size S: Width 140mm Depth 140mm Height 60mm
Size M: Width 170mm Depth 170mm Height 69mm
Size L: Width 200mm Depth 200mm Height 79mm

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Fire & Rain - Bowl L
Fire & Rain - Bowl Sale price¥7,920