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Hazuki - Glass

SKU: PJ6011001 W95 D95 H74
Sale price¥3,960

Japanese people have always lived harmoniously with nature and tried to bring its beauty into their houses. To this end, we arrange flowers and put them in various parts of the room. The value of the Japanese art of flower arrangement, which has developed uniquely, is based on the idea that to arrange flowers is to keep them alive, with the way they bloom in mountains and fields as an ideal. In contrast to the luxuriant style of Western flower arrangement, traditional Japanese flower arrangement, called ikebana or hanaike, puts emphasis on the natural look and the beauty of spaces. This small single-flower vase tilts and rocks gently on its slightly-curved bottom and is suitable for modern spaces. Its narrow mouth keeps a single flower in place. This vase can be used to arrange seasonal flowers casually and subtly.


Material: Glass
Color: Clear
Size: Width 95mm Depth 95mm Height 74mm

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Hazuki - Glass
Hazuki - Glass Sale price¥3,960