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Hoshi - Wipe Lacquer Black - Tray

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Japan is a country that has a strong tradition of building and creating with wood. We have been co-existing with wood and have produced multifarious things using wood. Lacquerware, in which objects are coated with lacquer to enhance their durability and beautiful appearance, was developed in Japan, and today, craftsmen are still producing lacquerware in various places while following the essential method. The work of creating lacquerware is divided into several processes. First, a woodworker cuts and shaves the wood into the shape of the object using a wood-turning lathe. Then, a craftsman coats the object with a base lacquer and grinds the form according to the desired shape several times. Cloth or paper is sometimes affixed to make a solid base. After that, a lacquerware artisan applies a glossy-finish lacquer to the object several times while paying close attention to avoid dust. Lastly, to add decoration, a makie (sprinkled decoration) artisan draws beautiful patterns using gold and silver powder or inlays mother-of-pearl, and finishes the product. After over 150 elaborate processes, the beautiful and durable lacquerware is finally done. The quality of lacquerware greatly depends on the precision of the base work, which cannot be seen once it is finished. Lacquerware made through sincere work lasts for many years by repairing its coating when it is damaged after long use.


Material: Castor Aralia
Finish: Wipe Lacquer Black
Size M: Width 210mm Depth 210mm Height 15mm
Size L: Width 330mm Depth 330mm Height 15mm

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