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SKU: MA-350
Sale price¥57,200

Jupiter is a standard product from a mirror manufacturer for 15 years in Tokushima Prefecture. Jupiter is a unique wall mirror with a thin box shape. We wanted to give the impression of a cabinet-like simple box-shaped furniture as a mirror. There is a slight space between the mirror and the frame. The space functions as a borderline that provides depth to the mirror. The shadow that mirror casts on the wall will highlight its presence in the room.

* This product is available in Japan at the moment. If you live in another country, please contact us directly.

Wood: Ash
Finish: Beeswax / Natural white / Snow white / Medium grey / Charcoal grey
*The specification's sizes are "mm".
Item NO: MA-350
Width: 350 Depth: 55 Height: 350
Item NO: MA-500
Width: 500 Depth: 55 Height: 500
Weight: 5kg
Item NO: MA-735
Width: 700 Depth: 55 Height: 350
Item NO: MA-900
Width: 900 Depth: 55 Height: 900
Weight: 18.3kg
Item NO: MA-616
Width: 600 Depth: 55 Height: 1600
Weight: 19kg
Item NO: MA-316
Width: 350 Depth: 360 Height: 1640
Weight: 11kg
Item NO: MA-200
Width: 1100 Depth: 90 Height: 2000

Item No.:

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Jupiter Sale price¥57,200