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Kafka - Ceramic Black - Bowl

SKU: TSKY00401 W150 D150 H70
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Kafka is a set of plates and bowls that we finally managed to create with experienced craftsmen in Mashiko Town, taking our time through repeated trial and error to make these plates and bowls with a flat bottom. Through various attempts, such as firing the plate supported with claws from the bottom side, doubling the foot circle, we have reached the current shapes. Using the clay produced in Mashiko, we used a wheel to make thin large plates and deep bowls with rims that stand straight vertically and fired them with Yuzuguro glaze. The plates and bowls in black demonstrate their unique presence due to their rough texture like a Japanese yuzu (citrus fruit). We added a tall lipped bowl, sake cups and teacups with the same black Yuzuguro glaze. You will have a distinctive feeling when you touch your lips to the rim of the cup with thick black glaze. These plates and bowls are an example of the diversity of Mashiko ware that can break into a new era of craftwork beyond folk craft.


Material: Ceramic
Finish: Black
Size S: Width 150mm Depth 150mm Height 70mm
Size M: Width 180mm Depth 180mm Height 50mm

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Kafka - Ceramic Black - Bowl S
Kafka - Ceramic Black - Bowl Sale price¥6,930