Kasama - Ceramic White - Rectangle Long Plate

SKU: TSKZ00102 W360 D130 H15


Kasama ware is a style of pottery made in Ibaraki Prefecture with 250 years of history. Kasama craftsmen produced commodities for kitchen utensils, such as mortars, water pots, storage vessels and bottles, which resemble folk crafts. Kasama boosted its prosperity as one of the most vigorous production areas of ceramics in East Japan. After the WWII, craftsmen in other regions started mass production, while those in Kasama City continued to produce handmade pieces formed on the wheel or with the slab building technique as their sticky clay was not suitable for mass production. Consequently, Kasama ware declined for a while, but it is coming back to life because handmade tableware has recently been revaluated.

This workshop has about 20 craftsmen, who are individually working as pottery artists engaged in manufacturing a range with a variety of pieces. This flat plate with feet, as if it were used for serving at a sushi restaurant counter, was created by a craftsman from Australia. The clay was cut into a flat-shaped plate with the slab building technique, and formed into a plate, attaching the feet to the slab.

At a large workshop, processes are often divided, such as forming the clay, glazing, painting and firing. On the contrary, here in this workshop, all processes are taken care of by each craftsman to finish their own handmade pieces.


Material: Ceramic
Finish: White
Size: Width 360 Depth 130 Height 15
*The specification's sizes are "mm".

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