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Kisohinoki - Tray

SKU: TSNM00100 W245 D245 H25
Sale price¥7,700

The owner of an antique shop in Hida Takayama City introduced us to an artisan who makes magemono (bent-wood products) for Shunkei lacquerware. Despite the suddenness of our visit, the artisan invited us into his workplace and showed us the diverse wooden products he crafted together with his elderly father. His workplace was crammed with bent-wood products made out of Hinoki cypress and Japanese cedar, the crisp fragrance of wood filling the room. Amidst these works, there were simple round trays that had yet to be lacquered. Enchanted by the pure grain and aroma of Kiso Hinoki cypress and by the trays’ simple form, we convinced the artisan to let us take one tray back to Tokyo. These trays made from bare, unlacquered wood are now sold at our stores. Because of its light colour and soft texture, Hinoki cypress wood is susceptible to dirt and damage. Even so, we hope you will enjoy the lustre its pure beauty acquires through repeated use.


Material: Cypress
Finish: Plain
Size M: Width 245mm Depth 245mm Height 25mm
Size L: Width 305mm Depth 305mm Height 35mm

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Kisohinoki - Tray L
Kisohinoki - Tray Sale price¥7,700