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Lotus rain

Sale price¥495,000

Lotus rain is a table with an upright rim at the edge of the round tabletop. A careful polishing process by craftsmen is important for finishing the product to have a beautiful and smooth curved surface. We envisioned a scene within the calm product appearance, in which it receives raindrops just like a lotus leaf. We desired to create a table which can accept the minds of people who gather around the table and would be kept in their minds.

* This product is available in Japan at the moment. If you live in another country, please contact us directly.

Wood: Oak
Finish: Soap / Beeswax / Tannin black / Natural white / Snow white / Medium grey / Charcoal grey
*The specification's sizes are "mm".
Item NO: T-557
Shape: Circle
Width: 1006 Depth: 1006 Height: 730
Item NO: T-558
Shape: Circle
Width: 1206 Depth: 1206 Height: 730
Item NO: T-559
Shape: Circle
Width: 1406 Depth: 1406 Height: 730
Item NO: T-917
Shape: Circle
Width: 1606 Depth: 1606 Height: 730
Item NO: T-918
Shape: Circle
Width: 1806 Depth: 1806 Height: 730
Item NO: T-919
Shape: Circle
Width: 2006 Depth: 2006 Height: 730

Item No.:
Wood Finish:

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dinning table
Lotus rain T-558 Tannin black
Lotus rain Sale price¥495,000