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Mimosa - Glass

SKU: TSTJ17100A W80 D80 H202
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The Mimosa wine glass aspires to have a timeless shape and size. Wine glasses cannot properly present the wine’s bouquet if the opening is too wide or too narrow. Moreover, we sought to create an orthodox shape and size that suited red and white wines of various ages and types. Mimosa comes in two sizes: the large one is meant for red wine and the small one for white. Our main goal was to create a beautiful wine glass. This glass allows for profound tasting, continuously maintaining elegance and tension. The bowl of the glass and the stem are made from the same piece of glass by use of a technique where the stem is drawn from the end of the bowl. This technique is less expensive than it would be if the stem were made from a separate piece of glass and joined to the bowl. Even so, it remains the product of an artisan’s handiwork. While we sought to give this wine glass a highly standard shape, the sense of tension and subtlety of Japanese products coexists in its thin bowl and slender stem.


Material: Glass
Color: Clear
Size M: Width 80mm Depth 80mm Height 202mm (320ml)
Size L: Width 90mm Depth 90mm Height 225mm (440ml)

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Mimosa - Glass M
Mimosa - Glass Sale price¥6,160