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Offset - Windsor type

Sale price¥90,200

Offset offers a Thonet bentwood chair structure modeled from Windsor chairs. It features a ring as the seat frame and another ring to anchor the legs. By overlapping these two rings of the same diameter, chairs can be stacked together in a com- pletely new way

This new way to stack chairs and Japanese wood bending techniques are well combined, while inheriting the concept of the Windsor chair. By attaching the rattan sheet to the seat, the weight becomes light and the chair has a sense of nostalgia.

Designed by Drill Design.

Wood: Ash
Width: 560 mm
Depth: 522 mm
Height: 699 mm
Seat Height: 440 mm

Wood Finish:

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Windsor type
Offset - Windsor type
Offset - Windsor type Sale price¥90,200