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Sakazuki - Porcelain Line Blue - Sake Cup

SKU: TSHK10102 W44 D44 H65
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Designed for cold sake, Sakazuki is a small stemmed cup. Its thin design unique to Mikawachi ware is crafted by covering the underside of the foot of the cup with glaze and putting the cup upside down with the foot facing up when firing in the kiln. Because the cup becomes very soft when placed in the kiln under high temperatures, it requires the greatest care and subtle adjustments during firing to keep the delicate leg from distorting. The Sakazuki cups come in three designs: white porcelain with a distinctive thin frame, a cup with a delicate line on the rim, and the gosumaki design painted using gosu glaze all over the surface. Gosumaki is a technique of glazing a large surface area at once using a thick dami brush. The proud home of the Mikawachi ware has a history of producing the most exquisite pieces of workmanship as gifts for the shogunate and the Imperial Court. The Sakazuki cups are an example of master craftsmanship.


Material: Porcelain
Finish: White with Blue Line
Size S: Width 44mm Depth 44mm Height 65mm (50ml)
Size M: Width 46mm Depth 46mm Height 72mm (60ml)

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Sakazuki - Porcelain Line Blue - Sake Cup S
Sakazuki - Porcelain Line Blue - Sake Cup Sale price¥3,630