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Shizuku - Carafe

SKU: TSTJ16100A W78 D78 H160
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Red molten glass is spooled at one end of a pipe and blown. After being taken out of the crucible, the glass is blown to adjust its shape and inflated into a mould to work it into the desired shape. After cooling, the top of the glass object is finished by removing any unwanted parts. A blade is used to make a scratch around the glass at the point it is to be cut and the glass can easily be divided by torching that scratch. The freshly cut edges are polished and then the sharp, polished edges are burned and slightly melted to create a smooth rim. This must be done carefully because thin glass loses strength if the flame is too strong and the rim becomes less smooth if the flame is weak. It is an important process because it can drastically change the feel on the lips.

Whereas all machine-made glasses have a thick, round rim, handmade glasses have a thin, delicate rim. Human lips can feel such a slight difference of the rim, altering the taste of the drink. The difference between machine-made and handmade glasses is obvious to the feel on the lips.


Material: Glass
Color: Clear
Size Small: Width 78mm Depth 78mm Height 160mm (620ml)
Size Tall: Width 90mm Depth 90mm Height 220mm (1,100ml)

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Shizuku - Carafe Small
Shizuku - Carafe Sale price¥4,620