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snow, sea & deep forest - Glass Green - Pitcher

SKU: TSIS10404 W70 D70 H110
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Beautiful free-blown glass vessels , whose textures are carefully sharpened with a grinder. As free-blown glass is formed without molds but with only a few simple tools, most of the processes are done by hand and carried out so swiftly as to maintain the freshness of the glass, allowing the sensibility of the glassmakers to be directly reflected in the product. The slight unevenness in the surface and subtle differences in the form and size of each piece are endearing characteristics of free-blown glass.
The thick, solid textured vessel fits comfortably in the hand, while integrating the two contradictory charms: the rounded form and the hard surface.
Furthermore, the use of recycled glass reflects the environmental consciousness of the glassmakers.


Material: Glass
Color: Green
Size: Width 70mm Depth 70mm Height 110mm (280ml)

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Green - Pitcher
snow, sea & deep forest - Glass Green - Pitcher
snow, sea & deep forest - Glass Green - Pitcher Sale price¥12,540