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Stone Garden - Mattress - half

SKU: SGT-001 SGF-001 F1
Sale price¥528,000

Japanese homes traditionally incorporate stone foundations and walls, construct the building’s framework with wood such as cedar, cypress, and zelkova, and create mud walls using soil, straw, and bamboo. Within these structures, elements like tatami mats made from plants such as igusa and straw bring softness and warmth to the alcoves. The habit of removing shoes and sitting on the floor in living spaces constructed with natural materials is ingrained in our bodies as part of our DNA. This idea inspired the development of this new living product, aiming to incorporate this lifestyle into modern living spaces.

Japanese people have maintained a tradition of sitting on the floor with an upright posture, adopting a refined and beautiful demeanor in their daily lives. Removing the backrest, commonly found in contemporary living styles where individuals lean back, conjured an image of another space horizontally expanding beautifully within the living area. By laying out seats horizontally, a traditional yet new Japanese space is created within the framework of a modern living scene influenced by Western lifestyles.

Japanese rock gardens express the nature of mountains and rivers using only stones and sand, with minimal use of plants. Developed alongside Zen temples, it is believed that by calming one’s mind near these gardens and meditating, you can sense the sounds of nature such as the babbling of a river and the rustling of the wind, as well as experience the broader world and universe. Named Stone Garden, this product draws inspiration from the eaves of temples with such rock gardens, aiming to weave the essential essence of Japan into a new form within a space.


* This product is available in Japan at the moment. If you live in another country, please contact us directly.

Material: Cedar, Fabric
Upholstery fabric in product image: Mikage KO4005
*The specification's sizes are "mm".
Item NO: (base)SGT-001, (Seat)SGF-001
Base: half
Seat: Mattress, half
Width: 965 Depth: 965 Height: 290
Item NO: (base)SGT-011, (Seat)SGF-001
Base: half
Seat: Mattress, half
Width: 965 Depth: 965 Height: 380
Item NO: (base)SGT-021, (Seat)SGF-001
Base: half
Seat: Mattress, half
Width: 965 Depth: 965 Height: 475

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Stone Garden - Mattress - half
Stone Garden - Mattress - half Sale price¥528,000