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Tsubaki - Japanese Lacquer Black - Rice Bowl

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Lacquerware has nearly disappeared from Japanese households. However, there is one exception: the soup bowl from which we Japanese sip our soul food, miso soup. Wooden lacquerware soup bowls are lighter than ceramic bowls. Also, we can easily hold the bowl even if hot soup is in it, because heat is not easily transmitted. Its smooth texture is pleasant to the hands and lips. For these reasons, the wooden lacquerware bowl is great as a soup bowl for us Japanese, since it is our custom to hold the soup bowl in our hands and bring it to our lips to drink soup.

Tsubaki is produced in Yamanaka City, Ishikawa Prefecture. Among various lacquerware-producing areas, Yamanaka City is well known for the excellent woodwork in their lacquerware. They use their own original woodworking method. They cut a log in circles and cut out the shape of the bowl in the direction of the growth of the wood. This method is called “tatekidori.” When the finished bowl is placed on a table, the vessel, seen from the side, is in the same vertical direction with that of a standing tree. Although the material efficiency is not really good, characteristically, the material cut out from a log with this particular method is not easily deformed even if it is thinly shaved, and it is strong against impact. The woodworker turns a lathe to work on the wood, the craftsman carefully applies a base material to each wooden bowl, and then the lacquerware artisan applies several layers of lacquer to the bowl. Thus, we have made the product according to the essential lacquerware method while keeping the price within a reasonable range for commodities.

Vermillion and black are used for lacquerware and this has not changed since olden days. These quiet, damp, and unique colours can be considered the most characteristic colours of Japan, having been inspired by the Japanese climate.


Material: Japanese Horse Chestnut
Finish: Japanese Lacquer (Urushi) Black
Size: Width 128mm Depth 128mm Height 64mm

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Black - Rice Bowl