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Ireko-bako - Walnut - Nest Box

SKU: TSKM00102 W333 D268 H351
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This is a set of 6 boxes and 6 trays that all fit inside each other. The trays can be used as the lids of the boxes, and the lidded boxes can store many things and are very versatile. This product comes in walnut, oak and Japanese cypress.

The Ireko-bako is based on a traditional household item of Japan called kiridame. Originally, the kiridame was a wooden box coated with a thin layer of lacquer, used to store chopped vegetables. It was also used to store ingredients temporarily in the kitchen or to store grain, and as a serving dish whenever people gathered at the house to dine. In contrast to the elegant jubako (a traditional Japanese stacking box lacquered in gold), the kiridame was a casual, functional item that was integral to people’s lives. The kiridame varied in size and depth. People used different sizes for different purposes and stacked them so that they fit inside each other. It is a sensible item with a very beautiful Japanese look and feel.


Material: Walnut
Finish: Beeswax
Size: Width 333mm Depth 268mm Height 351mm

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Ireko-bako - Walnut - Nest Box
Ireko-bako - Walnut - Nest Box Sale price¥124,300