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Queen - Decanter

SKU: TSTJ18200A W180 D180 H235
Sale price¥18,700

Decanters were in high demand amongst many of our customers. Many decanters on the market are heavy, difficult to handle or overtly decorated. Simple decanters with a good density of the glass are rare. This led us to consider two standard decanters for red wine. Most wines to be decanted are older vintage wines. This makes careful handling and stability necessary. The decanter itself must also be light. Pouring wine with a heavy decanter makes it difficult to perform this action delicately. Because of this, we created light decanters, narrowing the neck part so they are easier to hold. Princess is a tall decanter, shaped to look beautiful when placed on the table. On the other hand, Queen has a broader shape to promote the increasing richness of the wine.


Material: Glass
Color: Clear
Size: Width 180mm Depth 180mm Height 235mm (1900ml)

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